Meltdown & Spectre

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Many current chips in our computers use what is called a cache to speed up processing. The vulnerability that has been announced in recent days is that under certain circumstances the content of this area can be read and over time passwords or encryption keys identified bit by bit by these exploits that have been named ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’.

The risk to most of us is small but it does exist and the manufacturers are racing ahead to issue patches to their software to prevent them from placing such information in vulnerable areas. Unfortunately this might slow certain operations down but in the main we should see little difference

Advice from Optima is not to panic, keep your software up to date and install the latest patches unless there is a good reason not to. Most vendors are releasing updates in the next few days and some already have.

Unfortunately a complete fix to this problem will probably not exist until you purchase your next computer, with a chipset that doesn’t have the vulnerability built in.

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