Red Nose Day at Optima

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Red Nose day is a great event as it raises money for charities in the UK and Africa.

The 5 main issues they tackle are – Immunisation, Mental Health, Vulnerable Young People,

Domestic Violence, Fighting Malaria.

Since the last Red Nose Day, money raised has enabled us to help 11.7 million people across Africa, tackling issues such as immunisation, malaria, education, maternal health and many others.

They fund more than 2,000 projects, throughout the UK, addressing a range of issues, from homelessness and mental health to dementia and vulnerable young people.

Optima did their bit for the charity by having a cake and Cadburys cream egg sale, fancy dress and wearing anything red including the noses. Steve was gently persuaded to wear his favourite fancy dress costume – A blow up Princess Unicorn bought for him by James for his birthday.

Steve enjoyed or suffered for Charity and helped raise a bit more. Thank you Steve!!

So far Red nose day has raised £73,026,234 which is still increasing.

Thank you to everyone who donated money, we raised £63 and Optima matched this sum which now totals £126.

Below are some facts of how your contribution can help save people’s lives:

Just £2.50 can buy an insecticide-treated mosquito net to protect a child in Africa from contracting deadly malaria while they sleep.

In the UK, £25 could pay for someone, who’s battling with mental health issues, to attend counselling and learn coping strategies that will help them recover.

In the UK, just £20 could pay for a night’s emergency accommodation and support for a family who’ve fled domestic violence.

Maybe Next year we can try and double this!

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